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E-Learning solution for Indan Army is a ambitious project of indian army 5 signals group. Developed solution is a major help in cutting costs by reducing the movement of personals for training purpose and by optimal utilization of trainers. Elearning is knowledge pool for topics of use along with online assessment and question Pools. Solution has ability to unicast/Multicast online classes to selected users over a optimised bandwidth. Online classes can also be stored for later reference and aid in training. Briefly following features can give glimpse on functionality of solution.
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Oodles is a Meta search Enzine for Comparison Shopping. This solution connects to different suppliers through screen scraping and XML API connectivity. Architecture of solution is scalable and capable of accomodating N number of suppliers by building supplier specific functionality on application specs. Solution is capable of searching, quote generation, and do the final booking on supplier sites. Followng can get glimpse of solution functonalities
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Complaint Management System (CMS) is a product by name Focus which has been developed for a Irish company VigiSoft.

Product built on European standards of complaint management.
Capabilities to capture adverse events, issues, non conformance or product complaints.
Work flow based system to capture complete life cycle of issues.
Role based information security.
Concurrency control with transaction locking mechanism.
Staging of transactions before committing them to work flow.
Shortcut context menus for user friendly execution.
Statutory reporting

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Health Screen Franchise management system was built for Health Screen Systems UK for automating their test data capture and generating automated results from that. System has built in cases based on which suppliments and future course of action for patient is also recomended by the system.

Questionaire built with granularity of information after discussions with client.
Report generation in MS-Word and visual graph formats.
Complex combinations built in system to enable inteligense of system.
Different communication channels between Parent organisation and franchiees.

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Floor layouting solution was developed for one of our USA based cliets.

This solution is a product developed majorly for event management companies.
Toolbox for different types of shapes and objects which can be placed and used for any type of layout designing.
Provision for storing layouts in database.
Layouts can be regenerated after extraction from database.
Designed layouts can be saved as images in different formats.
Layouts can be printed directly from db.
Behavior and presentation of objects can be changed from a easy to use properties dialogue.
Inventory reports can be taken out.
Operations allowed on multiple or single objects.

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ALS Adoption Legal documents is automation of processes of a NGO.

Effective context validations.
Tabbing to manage heavy load of information capture.
PDF reporting with online viewable.
Automated forms in sync with manual processes.

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Grenada Co-operative bank automation of transaction forms.

Grenada cooperative bank was migrating their systems from manual system to online web based solution.
Effective context validations.
Tabbing to manage heavy load of information capture.
PDF reporting with online viewable.
Automated forms in sync with manual processes.

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.Msg file viewer.

Opening Unicode and Non Unicode .msg files.
Extraction of attachments.
Easy navigation for finding .msg files.
No MAPI or OUTLOOK dependency.

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Change Notice Forms is a application which was built for a NGO for helping them in automating children listing process.

Effective context validations.
Tabbing to manage heavy load of information capture.
PDF reporting with online viewable.
Automated forms in sync with manual processes.

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Tracker is an application that updates locations shown on the map through SMS received from the mobile entity actually present on the respoective location (End User) Via GSM Gateway and based on existing rules

Define movement points
Put tracker on with GSM gateway
Pin all the information on map which is related to Movement points

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Lock Drives is a security tool that lets you lock your USB Drive and CD Drive with your personal password. Nowadays, almost everyone uses CD ROM/Writer/USB Drives on their computer to transfer data to/from the Computer. Mostly everyone has files or folders on their computer that they do not want to share with others.

The best way to protect your data from being taken from the system is to somehow disable USB Drive and CD ROM access on the system. Lock Drives does exactly that, and it does it easily and well.

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The Purpose of this Application is to make a Full color printing of catalogs, Products at discount prices from a list of products and take the printout of generated catalog.

You can see catalog generation wizard
Full Color Catalog printing

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For PMAC Agile info systems has been taking care of development and ongoing maintenance of the portal. PMAC is a big portal, which has vast spectrum of functionalities.

Online buying of Question papers
Online Registration
Online Result of candidates
Online Examination
Online Information Of Training Schedule
Online Enquiry

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Asset and Property maintenance solution. Marciya.

Work Request, Work Order and Repair order.
Work assign, Assign to and Scheduling Maintenance.
Assets list and Inventory

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We do development and maintenance for SpawnPoint. SpawnPoint is a gaming portal.

Streaming of videos.
FTP upload of files.
Http upload of files.
Streaming of videos for optimized viewing.
Rating system.
Atomized recommendations on videos and games.
Distinct blend admin functionalities and graphics rich public interfaces.

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For pampered pups Agile info systems has been taking care of development and ongoing Maintenance of the portal. Pampered pup is a big portal which has vast spectrum of functionalities.

Online shopping and shopping cart
Online contests
Rating system
B'days ad B'day reminders
picture gallaries
Names collections
Gift certificates

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Jewellery Mart(Sales tracking solution) for US based Jewellery chain was for automation of sales team by lead management and Sales counter engagement along with sales team specifics. Strong MIS was supported along with detailed lifecycle for sale incidents. Following points can provide glimpse of solution.

Sales Lead management.
Tracking of Life cycle of each sale.
Analysis of sales being lost to competition.
Analysis for lost sale reasons.
Suggestive improvements.
Integration with Other system for finance data.
Data security between sales teams/Locations along with transparency for super user.
Support for multiple locations.

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Data analysis tool is a pluggable interface which has got the capability of analyzing data dynamically on the browser window. This is very useful for senior management to enable them with capabilities to dissect data to get information required. Attached example is of a dash board where data can be analyzed based on task assignments.

Visual presentation of data using images for differentiation like below example have Red/Green/.
Yello lights as per completion status or WIP.
Dynamic sorting of data.
Dynamic multilevel (nested) grouping of data.
Dynamic subtotals based on group field.
In place editing during analysis.

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With the proliferation of mobile technologies in our daily lives, one of the most potent communication tools is easily accessible at the touch of a button. Not only is this tool omnipresent, providing instant accessibility, but also provides for inexpensive communication on the go. Multifarious technologies should be able to talk to each other to provide for fast and effective communication, enabling informed business decisions. Spectra SMS Suite has following major functionalities on offer.

1. E-Mail to SMS
2. SMS to E-Mail
3. Query data from any existing in house application
4. Scheduled Broadcast of Information
5. Data collection using in-built concepts like voting
6. Extensive MIS Logs and Reports

Also Find attached detailed Specs of solution, this solution is being used by some of the most esteemed organizations in India. For further details please feel free to CONTACT US

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